The following groups are the colourful minorities that dot the sparsely populated Wastes of Sokal. The majority of the thin population is in small family groups, loners, and nomads. Of everyone you meet in the Wastes, only about one in ten will have any sort of group identity. But they do exist, and they’re the primary movers and shakers in the Wastes; they have agendas and the numbers to enforce them.
With no centralized government to speak of, most people have turned to methods of survival older than recorded history. There are plenty of loners wandering the Wastes, either by themselves or in groups of two or three. They are used to doing as they please, they distrust and avoid larger groups, and they are largely self-sufficient (or dead) and govern themselves. Larger communities — ranging from several dozen people to usually no more than a hundred– sometimes form without any unifying ideology. These are usually governed by group consensus. If they grow any more, prominent leaders, governors, and demagogues become necessary, or the group will split based on some difference of opinion. When leadership emerges, inevitably the group will begin to take on an identity all its own.