Simple Supply Run

“Alright, Dr. Washington here’s the clinic the area has been secured you should not be bothered by anyone. We will be back to pick you up in a few days.”

Horror filled her eyes and she gripped her gun a bit tighter. “You have to be kidding? I have never…”

“Dr. Washington you’ll be fine we have been coming to this area for the last several weeks and we have not had any issues. There’s a set of buildings not too far from here that we are going to be searching we will be back in a few days. You have food, water, and a weapon here if you need anything just radio us.” He handed her a old radio that she doubted actually worked and if it did she was not sure it was going to have any real range to it. Sighing she took the radio and climbed out of the truck flinching as the sun hit her directly. Immediately she regretted having argued with her director if she had just kept her mouth shut like she was told to she wouldn’t be out here.

Thankfully the sun would only be up a few more hours. She watched as the truck disappeared into a cloud of dust. Once it was gone she began to look for a safe way inside while muttering to herself. “So stupid I am a Doctor, not a scavenger… this place is so hot and disgusting.” Carefully she made her way into the ruins of what appeared to be a small office. Sitting on the floor leaning against the wall was the skeleton covered in what appeared to be the remains of clothing. Shaking her head she started to search through the room looking for anything that might be useful. Over the next 3 days, she carefully picked through the rooms she felt was safe enough for her to enter it was actually a good place to search. She found some a few old textbooks that might be useful but the real gold mine was the bottle of penicillin and some antibiotics. There was also some old circuit boards and other parts that might be useful for the cyber-ware she worked on. It was late on the 3rd day she was relaxing in a bit of shade that she heard them. There was someone talking and laughing somewhere nearby she did not recognize any of the voices. Figuring it would be a good idea to hide she turned and found herself face to face with a man she had never seen before. “Shit…”

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