Bad Dream

The smell of burnt flesh never quite leaves your nostrils, it stains everything inside you in a way that  blood just can’t. Blood and bullets and screaming were all background noise now to Alejandra, they were a common occurrence but the scent of burning would never meet that fate. At least it wasn’t her own, and at least she could run away. But running is a thousand times harder when carrying every book you can in your arms.  

Screaming could be heard in the distance, cries for water and the explosion of bullets behind her. The bare plains of the waste were easy to spot someone in and sure enough they could see her.

“Don’t look back, you’ll only slow down.”

Suddenly the sound of bullets were all the closer, the plains were gone and so were her books. All around her were ancient ruins of Lost Angels and angry C.U.CK idiots. Or maybe she was the idiot for trying to steal from them? It didn’t matter, she was alone and she would die.

Time seemed to twist and blur around her, without knowing how she was hiding in a empty pool, the bullets were still firing  but now she wasn’t alone. Machine Heads surrounded her and they cursed the pink girl who just took a bullet for her. The girl who saved her life and took a bullet through the heart for it. Alejandra looked her over, blood leaking out of her chest and staining everything around her from her cameo top to her pink hair. The pink girl….no she knows who this is.


She scrambled for any salvage around her, she had to save her. Despite what anyone said around her, she could save her. If anyone could do it, it was her.

A jolt woke her and suddenly she was in silence and darkness but not alone. Any shouting was far away, drunkards laughed but there were no more bullets. No horrified screaming, no blood, no burnt flesh, just her and Jo with her humming heart. She placed her hand on Jo’s chest and could feel the heat coming off her sleeping body.

“247 days, 14 hours, 35 minutes, 23 seconds….gunshot to the heart.”

The cold invaded her bones and she bit her lip. It happened before and it could happen again. This time, she would be ready.

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