A new retribution

OOC: possible CW: death and dismemberment

Kountkillz sat on the hill, and watched as the wasters as they left the settlement. They were off to do something stupid.  Maybe save a kitten in a tree or something stupid like that. Didn’t really matter. The meatbags, and grinders were so screwed.  They had no idea that over two dozen Atom Bombz were sneaking up on their stupid little camp.

V-Rex had sent Kountkillz and his crew to set up and get ready for her attack later.  She would come in from the front, and Kountkillz would spring his attack from behind. The stupid wasters would be caught between.  The death toll would be glorious.

Shifting back from the hill Kountkillz slowly let the bush go back into place.  Trying to keep it from moving too fast with his shaking hand. Kountkillz’s stomach lurched a little.  Apparently the last bach of food they got was bad, as the entire camp was now feeling the effects of some sort of food poisoning.  Didn’t matter, Kountkillz and the Kill crew could get the job done. And besides. After the job was done, there would be plenty of extra fresh meat.

Taking a moment to get his breathing calmed down, Kountkillz slowly looked forward again.  And saw the real prize. Wandering around in camp a man in a red shirt and helmet. The Witness.  The one the Tsar wants. Maybe this would be a chance for Kountkillz to finally move up the ladder.

Kountkillz smiles and again shifted back looking at his crew.  “Alright. We got ourselves a bit of an opportunity. All of their attack dogs have gone off, leaving their camp weaklings defenseless.  We are going to roll in, kill their doctors and wounded, grab The witness, and when those others get back looking for healing, they will get our blades and bullets instead.”  The crew smiled and gave a quiet chuckle. Somebody vomited.

Kountkillz waited for the retching to finish.  Then smiles. “So we are gon’a start down there.  Quietly. And take them out as quietly as possible.  Right? Now get moving ya grinders.”

The crew all stood up, but in a stoop so as to not be too visible behind the trees and bushes on the hill.  The trail would wind around and they would be able to come at the camp from behind.

“There’s a reckoning a-coming.”

KountKillz stops and turns to glare murder at the crew.  “Who the fuck is singing?”

“And it burns beyond the grave…”

Kountkillz draws a knife.  “Whoever is singing is gonna get their throat chopped.”  The faces of the crew were confused. Looking around trying to find the source of the song.

“There’s led inside my belly, for my soul has lost it’s way.”  This time the lyrics were coming out as a growl.

Koutkills stood up fully and turned trying to find to source.  Suddenly stepping out from behind a tree was a large man in a long black coat and hat pulled down over his eyes.  “Oh Lazarus, how did your debts get paid?”

This was the fucker that was singing.  

“Listen here you meatbag.”  Kountkillz said pulling his heavy knife back.  And swinging it into the chest of the singer.

Who caught Kountkillz by the wrist.  

“Oh Lazarus…”

Kountkillz tried to pull his hand away but the grip was iron.  So Kountkillz growled and looked from his trapped hand to the face of the singing bastard.  

“…were you so afraid?”  

Kountkillz wanted to scream at the sight but he was simply frozen in fear.  

There was a wet ripping sound and the hand that held his favorite knife hit the ground.  The knife bouncing out of it’s grip. The pain was intense and this snapped Kountkillz out of his paralysis.  Pulling his arm back he shouted in pain, and grabbed at the bleeding stump his arm had become. Blood spraying from the open artery.  

Turning KountKillz started running back up the trail.  Shoving his confused crew out of the way as he fled. As the screams of his crew started Kountkillz heard the singing.  

“When the fires, when the fires have surrounded you,
With the hounds of hell coming after you,

I’ve got blood, I’ve got blood on my name”

The screams were a chaotic chourious to the slow singing.  And Kountkillz ran faster. As he ran he tried to grip the stump in his hand to stop the flow of blood.  But his grip kept slipping. So he tucked it under the opposite armpit. But it was hard to run as fast as his terror drove him, without moving your arms.  So blood soon was coating his side, and leaving a trail in the dirt behind him.

Kountkillz didn’t know how long he ran.  All he knew was he could no longer hear the screaming.  All he could hear was his own labored breathing, and feet dragging in the dirt.  He had gotten away. Good, because the world was starting to shift to one side.

“When did I lay down?”  Kountkillz thought. And started to pull himself up.  And crawled to a tree. Sitting down with is back to it he was able to look at the trail he had just ran up.  And saw that no, he hadn’t escaped. The man in black was standing there walking slowly up to him.

“Wh-what are you?”  Kills asked, the panic in his voice giving over to an exhaustion.  

The man came to a stop standing over Kountkillz.  “I am upset Kount. Some of your crew killed a friend of mine.”

Kountkillz blinked.  Something must have gotten in his eyes, and it was making his vision dim.  “W-we kill a lot of people….”

“Oh I know.”  

Kountkillz started to shiver.  It shouldn’t be this cold today.  “But… why? We kill a lot- a lot of people.  Why this one?”

“Like I said, you killed a friend of mine.  And that has upset me. And seeing how it is my first friend, I want to do this … “justice”  thing right. Or is this revenge? Retribution?” The stranger mused. “Oh no matter. I am upset and it was your gang that has done the deed.  So, it is your gang that pays the price.”

Kountkillz couldn’t focuse on the stranger.  Which was fine, that face was hideous. But he wished he could keep his eyes open.  “Wait…You… know me?”

“Yes Kountkillz.  I know you. You have been in my domain a long time.”

“…I…Don’t….understand…”  Kountkillz labored. He felt the hand of the stranger on his head.

“Don’t worry about it.”  

A moment later Donner stood up from the spot that Kountkillz had been.  Leaving behind very little blood. Most of it had come out on the trail anyways.  Donner looked down the hill towards the camp. He could see the attack group coming back.  Some were being carried and some walking by themselves.

His friend was there.  They looked as healthy as they normally were.  “Maybe I should send a thank you gift to the doctor that resuscitated them.”  He mused to himself. Then gave a sigh, “Work before fun.” He really should clean up the trail.  It wouldn’t be pleasant should some people come across it. Besides, it’s bad manners to leave a meal half finished.

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