Wulfen in Society

Wulfen are not treated well in Sokal. Maybe as a leftover from dogs’ subservience in the time before the Fall or as a result of their rapid aging they tend to be regarded as gormless and childish. Being treated like this doesn’t give them much reason to try to learn, however, so in most parts of Sokal it creates a self reinforcing cycle of Wulfen ending up on the bottom of the social pecking order.

In today’s society, this would be unfair. After the Fall it becomes downright dangerous for Wulfen. In most cases, disrespectful behavior toward Wulfen is normal. Wulfen are typically the last to get their shares of food, ammo, and equipment in groups where they are accepted. If there’s a Bandit raid or similar altercation Wulfen are typically shot rather then taken in. Even in progressive leaning settlements and organizations Wulfen aren’t given the same respect as other races. If a settlement operates on a democracy Wulfen aren’t allowed to vote, or vote at reduced capacity.

Wulfen on the outskirts of society are treated even worse. Seen as close to feral and uncontrollable, any outbursts or even the slightest bit of displayed anger from these Wulfen is met with almost immediate violence. Anything beyond this and they can expect to be executed in the street and no one would bat an eyelash.

Basically, Wulfen get the short end of the social stick very often. Be prepared for this sort of treatment.  

Wulfen Physiology

Wulfen, being half dog and half human, age differently from humans and human adjacent creatures. Wulfen will age like a human until they hit late human puberty. Around sixteen or seventeen years of age they will begin to age at an accelerated pace, approximately twice the rate of a human, with the average lifespan landing around 40-50 years old.

While this is true of the physical age of Wulfen the same cannot be said of their mental age. Wulfen brains are just as complex as a human’s despite how they are treated by society at large. They mature mentally at the same rate as humans despite physically aging quicker.

Wulfen Packs

Wulfen like to form packs. This is typically who they tend to spend time with frequently, whoever feeds them or they eat with frequently, or even whoever treats them with a modicum of respect, which none of them are used to. While some of the rules reference “pack mates” there’s no limitations or requirements for being a pack mates. It’s an RP decision entirely up to the Wulfen’s Player.

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