by Akeema StarenayKesha Onalaja

It wasn’t everyday a target made her do THAT. The self-proclaimed hacker prodigy extraordinaire spent the better half of her short life learning how to slither in and out of a system’s mainframe, ruining their computer (and day ) without even being detected…but this wasn’t like other times. Normally she would complete a job such as this one in no time flat; five minutes maybe even ten minutes was all she needed to wreck some shizz and leave her enemies in the dust. She had done a preemptive analysis: running a few quick scans to assess the enemy’s load out, inserting a few extra programs to make it an easy fight…theoretically nothing should be going wrong!! Her fluffy flaxen ears twitched in annoyance as she leaned in closer, typing faster and coming down a bit too hard on her old dusty computer keys.

“Fliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. DIMITRI ORION TUARINSKY MAMBANI THE SEVENTH WILL NOT LOOOSE TO YOOOOOU.” she growled as if her opponent could hear her.

Dimitri Orion Taurinsky Mambani the Seventh adjusted her super stellar metallic modular goggles on her nose before diving back in for another round. There was no way she was going to let these poseurs beat her.

The young wulfen continued to slay her keyboard, even as the sun set just outside the window of the dusty gutted car she was in. This was taking way too long and something sure as hecky didn’t feel right. Dimitri Orion Tuarinsk– *sigh* okay, let’s just call the kid DOT — was just about to call upon a program that she thought would end the fight, but before she could do so her screen went blue and a giant frowning face appeared, overlayed with the worlds “FOUND YOU”

DOT smacked her computer a a few times before angrily tossing it and her super stellar metallic modular goggles inside her bag.

Instead she grabbed a short ranged walkie-talkie and said: “POSITION FLIPPIN COMPROMISED. TIME TO G-”

Before she could even finish her sentiment cold rough hands grabbed her from behind.

“YOU BETTA PUT DIMITRI ORION TUARINSKY MAMBANI THE SEVENTH DOWN!!! YOU STINKIN’ POSEUR.” DOT’s assailant made sure to cover her mouth before tying her up, and whisking her off to some unknown place.

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