Hallways of Posterity

Enter the “Utopia” of Posterity with Alexandra Asimov (Riley Uslan), Brother Axel (Geoffrey D. Miank), and everyone’s favorite thinly veiled GM insert character, Smoker!

Enter the “Utopia” of Posterity with Alexandra Asimov (Riley Uslan), Brother Axel (Geoffrey D. Miank), and everyone’s favorite thinly veiled GM insert character, Smoker!

Smoker lit yet another cigarette and took a deep drag.

“Could you put that out please?” The weedy little bastard chided him.

Smoker didn’t do this often. But everyone had to have standards, and this was one of his. He got right in the bastards face. Psionic or not, Smoker wasn’t going to let him get away with that.

“Could you….. Go fuck yourself with a rusty shiv….” He vented the raw smoke into the bastards pale veiny face prompting a cough. “….please?”

The dickhead backed off. Good, he was smarter than he sounded. Smoker kept sucking down the cigarette. Finally the awkwardness was broken by a the sound of a bulkhead bolt clanking open and a poorly greased door screaming open.

Fuck, Smoker fucking hated this place. Everything about it was artificial. The air, the walls, the manners. All of it was meant to fool people into thinking there wasn’t the radiation damned Wastes right above their heads. But all you had to do was listen to the sound of that door to know they were low on the essentials, just like everyone else.

Another, even paler guy came around the corner and motioned to Smoker. Smoker expertly flicked his butt at the weedy bastard. It hit him and sprayed embers all over his too white jumpsuit. Before he could recover, Smoker had disappeared beyond the door.

“What did he do to deserve that?” The new guy inquired.

“Asked me to stop.” Smoker offered without even a hint of regret. This prompted a chuckle from the new guy. Smoker could tell it was slightly because he had confirmed this guys bias but didn’t care to educate him on the finer points of Wastes etiquette.

He escorted Smoker through the cramped, metal Hallways of Posterity. The deeper he got, the more claustrophobic he felt. Everywhere he look Havassians were staring at him. Peeking around corners, looking up from glowing green data displays. Like they could sense an outsider. Even in this low light, they looked pale. He couldn’t help but imagine how they’d react to the unrelenting sunlight of the Wastes. The hate-filled orb in the sky that destroyed everything in its gaze.

Finally the new guy brought him to a much larger door. He hit a button next to it and delivered a terse “Here” through the intercom. A brief pause and the familiar clank of the bolts and a scream as the door slid open. Smoker was met with another favorite Havassian scene. So self-important looking, old fucker sitting behind a desk. A younger lady Havassian sat in the corner, doing her best to appear not to care. She actually had the decency to dress like a Waster. In the center of the room was the Brother Smoker had escorted into this forsaken place. The Brother was a Wulfen in typical Brotherhood robes, sandals, and rope belt. He still had that slight smile that never seemed to leave his face.

“That will do Huxley.” The old fucker waved off the new guy. “Mr…… Smoker, is it?”

“Just Smoker.” He let that hang in the air a bit, figured the old guy would get to the point sometime.

“Yes. We’ve heard of you hear” No shit old man. “You have a reputation as a negotiator?”

“Best in the Wastes.”

“Right, maybe you could assist us then. You see-”

“Hold it right there Big Shot. I don’t work for free.” Smoker had to establish himself with this guy apparently.

“…Yes, I see” He reached into his desk drawer and withdrew a small rucksack. Without being thrown the rucksack floated across the room and Smoker snatched it out of the air. Fucking show off. Smoker looked in it. Four packs of cigs, Camels. A full hip flask. Bottle of Tapatio. The fucker.

“This’ll do, but don’t act like you don’t know who I am with this in your desk. Now, what’s the deal?”

“My name is Paul Asimov. This is my daughter, Alexandra. I’m sure you know Brother Axel here. Brother Axel, despite you bringing him here as a healer has refused to complete the job until an issue is resolved.”

“The issue Director Asimov, is you are asking me to save lives while refusing to do so yourself.” That was Axel. He cut in almost rudely, it was probably timed just perfectly so that calling him on it would make you the asshole. Brother’s were never confrontational but they were really good at getting close.

“The person you speak of is condemned to execution for crimes against Posterity.” spoke the Director The girl in the corner looked somewhere between uncomfortable and worried, she noticed Smoker looking at her and covered it up by blowing her hair out of her face and rolling her eyes. Great… that kind of girl.

“Her, huh?” Smoker spoke up, gesturing to the girl. The Director looked uncomfortable for a second. “Must’ve been bad, you lot doesn’t often execute other Havassians. You think that’s what us Wasters do.” Smoker let the backhanded compliment sit for a bit.

“Correct Smoker, and yet they want me to heal a few people, and ignore this crime against the Prince of Peace.” Axel’s comment prompted a furious glance from the director. Before he could launch into it however Smoker rolled over him.

“Look, this is actually pretty easy. Have the girl here leave with the Brother. Simple.”

The Director glanced between them. His anger quickly abated as he thought through the solution. “Yes…. yes, that may appease everyone. But she must leave with you, otherwise it will look… strange to those with stake in the outcome.” Smoker nodded.

“Come on kid.” Smoker gestured at the girl.

“If you would…” The Director spoke up. “Both of you, let me have a word with her before she leaves.”

Curt nods from Axel and Smoker. They left. A few minutes later the door screamed open and Alexandra exited as well.

“I’ll meet you two outside when I am finished. The situation is serious but Saint Gregory is strong with me today.” Axel explained.

Smoker and Alexandra left. As they planned, Axel met them outside the bunker a few hours later.

“Your plan worked” Axel said to Smoker when he finally made it out in the sun. Alexandra already looked uncomfortable in the sun, she’d have to get used to it. She looked slightly surprised at the revelation that this was a put on.

“They always do. How did you know about her being here though?” Smoker said through the smoke clouds of his reward cigarettes.

“Let’s just say I know her.” Axel said.

“Axel has been following me around for years.” She finally spoke. Letting the veneer of insolence fall for just a second. “Why did you risk coming to get me?” She directed at the Wulfen”

“I wouldn’t be much of a Brother, or friend, if I didn’t try.” The Wulfen said as if it was the easiest question to answer in the Wastes.

“Well, time for me to go then. You two try no to get any more death sentences handed out to you.” Smoker once again hit the road.

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