“There’s a place, it’s like here but it’s a little beyond. Some people can see it, and they can see what lives there. It’s a weird place, or so they tell me. Personally, I never want to see it.”

Sometime after the Fall, a few people started to notice strange things happening. Strange creatures would flit in and out of their vision. Weird landscapes would appear in front of them and then vanish just as quickly. What was strangest, these visions were shared by many, not just a select few. More importantly perhaps, everyone who could see these visions came from all sorts of backgrounds and all sorts of belief systems and even levels of sanity. It was soon put together that there was something else out there. Another realm where strange beings existed. Some people could see into it and sometimes even interact with it. Soon afterwards it was discovered that certain supernatural abilities could interact with the Astral in interesting ways.

The existence of the Astral is both a mystery and an open secret to the people of the twenty third century. Not many today know that the Astral did not exist before the Fall, and those few who have connected the dots cannot explain why it suddenly exists. Just about everyone knows that it, and the strange creatures that reside in it, exists and most view it with a large degree of skepticism if not outright fear; neither are misplaced.

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